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        KLAS Ranks HRS #1 and Top Performer for RPM

        HRS is leading the way for “The New Age of RPM” by providing clients with Best in KLAS results. In their report, KLAS collected feedback and data from over a dozen HRS clients – HRS received an A for RPM Score with significant leadership and innovation in categories that include Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship, and Value.
        RPM Score Graphic v2

        KLAS Leader 2019

        Remote Patient Monitoring
        The New Age of RPM

        KLAS Leader 2019

        Remote Patient Monitoring
        The New Age of RPM

        Patient Communication

         Patient Communication

        HRS provides industry-leading communication capabilities for patients and clinicians including tools for text, call, and video. Virtual visits through HRS' video platform facilitate post discharge follow-ups and check-ins between the clinician and patient, ensuring intervention occurs before crises arise.
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        Ease of Use

        HRS was built with the customer in mind. With an average patient age of 84, the HRS platform has been proven accessible and easy to use. For clinicians, the clinical dashboard was built to enhance provider workflow, ensuring that providers are able to monitor and communicate with their patients effectively.
        Asset 3

        Quality of Service & Support

        HRS clients, patients, and industry experts have always highlighted HRS' unique ability to provide high-quality service and support to patients, clinicians and caregivers. Our 24/7 direct patient support experts help patients and clinicians navigate the HRS platform, ensuring that everything is functionally smoothly.


        HRS is rated strongest for functionality and technology by KLAS, ahead of any other provider in the market. HRS' investment in development has facilitated continuous innovation of the platform, allowing for incremental updates to deliver clients an advanced telehealth solution. Responding to the needs of partners, the HRS platform is built with the patient and clinician in mind.
        Asset 5

        Road Map

        Built on the latest modern technologies, HRS has developed a best in class platform that is designed for nimble development of new features. With EMR and SHP integrations, advanced biometric monitoring, wearables, reporting capabilities and more, the HRS platform continuously evolves to ensure HRS partners have the best telehealth solution available on the market today.


        HRS' vision is to create a new standard of patient care. HRS empowers clinical teams with access to vital data to inform decision making while also positively impacting the lives of patients by providing tools to engage with their care at home. As the healthcare market continues to evolve, HRS is working with clients to adopt the vision of telehealth as a best practice for expansion and growth.
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        53% decrease in 30-day readmission rate among heart failure patients 

        45% reduction in hospital readmission over six months 

        First Health of the Carolinas-1

        $1.9 million in cost avoidance for payers