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        HRS ClinicianConnect Telehealth & RPM solutions

        PatientConnect Complete

        Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

        • Reduces readmission and ED utilization
        • Decreases overall cost of care
        • Improves clinician workflow
        • Engages and empowers patients

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        PatientConnect Complete technology

        PatientConnect Core

        Provide educational materials, communicate with patients, and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

        • Promotes patient and caregiver peace of mind
        • Facilitates real-time symptom monitoring
        • Engages and empowers patients
        • Reduces unnecessary ED visits
        PatientConnect Core tablets

        PatientConnect Mobile

        Expand access to care across all patients populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

        • Facilitates advanced biometric monitoring with Bluetooth peripherals
        • Improves patient engagement and disease self-management
        • Engages patients across a wide rang of disease condition cohorts
        • Ensures seamless continuity of care between care team and patient through personal devices

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        HRS PatientConnect Mobile communication example

        PatientConnect Voice

        Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post hospital discharge.

        • Engages patients in self-symptom management
        • Improves medication adherence and compliance
        • Promotes patient engagement
        • Provides real-time insight into patient's condition
        PatientConnect Mobile care call


        HRS' centralized patient management portal, ClinicianConnect enables providers to monitor, triage, and care for their patients in real time directly from their office, clinic, or while on-the-go. It is the one-stop-shop for monitoring patients on all HRS solutions.

        • 90+ condition specific care plans
        • Customizable care plans, goal setting, and tracking
        • Risk alert control and notifications
        • Video calls, voice calls, text messaging directly from platform
        • SSO, SAML 2.0 Supported
        • Bi-directional EMR integrations

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        ClinicianConnect Dashboard

        Additional Services and Integrations

        CaregiverConnect iOS application


        CaregiverConnect, available on iOS and Android, incorporates the patients' caregiver(s) into the telehealth program, providing a holistic solution to managed care.

        PatientDirect tablet and box


        A cost-effective delivery and inventory management solution. Enables our partners to focus on delivering the best patient care, HRS takes care of the rest.

        CareConnect support team member on phone


        In partnership with a leading RN-led clinical engagement company, offering telehealth and remote patient monitoring through a 24/7 remote clinical support team.

        HRS Integration chart graphic
        • HRS integrates with various EMRs to optimize clinician workflow by reducing redundancy and double documentation.
        • Data analytics through SHP facilitate insight into quality metrics and data outcomes, enabling HRS partners to utilize advanced reporting to demonstrate outcomes.
        • HRS integrates with top medical devices to ensure accurate and consistent readings of patient biometrics.

        Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

        HRS remote doctor icon

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